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    An experiment hints at quantum entanglement inside protons

    LHC data suggests the subatomic particle’s constituent quarks and gluons share weird links TIED UP  Protons contain smaller particles called quarks and gluons (illustrated). Experimental data suggest that quantum entanglement links those particles with one another. scify/Shutterstock Share this: This article is only available to Science News subscribers. Subscribers, enter your e-mail address to access […] More

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    Antimatter keeps with quantum theory. It’s both particle and wave

    A variation of the classic double-slit experiment is applied to a positron for the first time MAKING WAVES  The famous double-slit experiment (illustrated) has revealed that particles of matter, like electrons, are also waves. Now, researchers have performed a similar experiment to demonstrate antimatter’s wavelike behavior. RUSSELL KIGHTLEY/Science Source Share this: This article is only […] More